Everything You Need to Know About Homes for Sale in Livonia, MI

When searching for homes for sale in Livonia, MI there are many important factors to consider. These factors include: price range, location, school system, and other information on the local community. Actively researching this information prior to buying your home is paramount in selecting the best fit for you and your family.

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We’ve prepared this article as a real estate guide for people looking to buy a home in Livonia. If you’d like more information, continue reading or talk with one of our experienced agents today.

Location Overview

Livonia, MI, is located in the northwest part of Wayne County and is home to almost 100,000 people. It sits less than two miles outside Detroit and is less than half an hour away from the Metro Airport. The city offers family-friendly neighborhoods, exceptional schools, and one of the lowest crime rates in Michigan.

Livonia has more than 1,300 acres of public parks and nature preserves and has earned a ranking as America’s 10th-Happiest Mid-Sized City. The unemployment rate sits at just 3 percent, and taxes in Livonia are the lowest in Wayne County. There are six higher education institutes in Livonia, and the Livonia Hockey Association and Livonia City Soccer Club are some of the largest sports organizations in the state.

Types of Homes

Most residents of Livonia own single-family homes with three or four bedrooms. The average home sells for about $211,000. These homes were built after WWII with the help of the GI bill and stand as a testament to the years that became known as the American Century.

Livonia has enjoyed some of the highest home appreciation rates in the country in the last ten years. Overall, the real estate has appreciated more than 42 percent, with an annual average appreciation rate of 3.58 percent. There are also some apartment complexes and townhomes available for those who prefer to rent.

School Information

Livonia Public Schools offer an exceptional education for your children, with a district graduation rate of more than 92 percent. The district is accredited at the highest level by the AdvancED District program, and their M-STEP and state data scores exceed the state average. Livonia public schools also have a Japanese immersion program available for students from kindergarten to sixth grade.

In addition to their exceptional public schools, Livonia also has seven private schools. Three of these schools use the Montessori method of education, and the others offer fully accredited programs dedicated to excellence. Many of these schools also offer preschool programs so your child can get an early start on a successful life.

Find Homes for Sale in Livonia, MI

Livonia, MI, is a wonderful place for you and your family to make a home. Their amazing schools, low crime rates, and lively community life create a fantastic place to live. And the city’s proximity to Detroit offers you all the amenities of a big city with none of the drawbacks.

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