Parkstone – Northville Neighborhood

Northville is one of the most attractive areas in Michigan. The City has a lovely small-town charm with a population of less than 6,000. Parkstone is one of Northville’s neighborhoods and remains one of the most ideal locations within the city.

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Northville, Parkstone is an excellent choice. Throughout this page we provide general information on this location including: geographic area, crime rates, local schools, types of homes, and more.

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Geographic Location

When looking for Northville homes, the neighborhood’s location can and should play a major factor in your decision.

Parkstone is located north of 6 Mile and West of Haggerty. This part of town has everything that you need, from shopping and access to public libraries to close proximity to city hall and chain restaurants.

Aside from attractive housing and amenities, crime rates in Northville also happen to be some 70 percent lower than the rest of the country. Moving to a neighborhood that is safe and attractive will rank highly on anyone’s checklist.

The logistics are also great in this neighborhood since you are a quick trip from Interstate 275 access and are close to both Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Local Schools

Another factor that affects many people’s decisions when searching for a home is the proximity of quality schools in a given location.

Parkstone is close to a number of nearby schools in the district, to include Morgaine Elementary, Thornton Creek Elementary, Winchester Elementary, Meads Mill Middle, Hillside Middle, and Northville High School.

There are also early childhood and daycare programs located right off of Six Mile Road.

When you have kids or if you’re planning to have kids, quality schools in the area are a must. This will dictate everything from bus routes to which school your child will be zoned for.

Parkstone Real Estate

Parkstone is a more upscale neighborhood, and the architecture reflects that.

It features a number of Cape Cod and Colonial homes with lots of square footage. This neighborhood routinely features homes with upwards of four bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, in addition to upwards of 4,000 square feet.

These properties often feature beautiful open layouts and aesthetically pleasing color schemes that will be attractive and artful. As such, you can expect your property values to keep growing when you own a piece of property in this neighborhood.

This is a middle-class neighborhood with a number of housing options — whether you’re looking for a sprawling single-family home or a condo. Many of these properties have fixtures like hardwood floors and beautiful decks.

They also feature basements, which can be upgraded to add another bedroom in your home, which can also improve property values to the fullest.

Neighborhood Amenities

Finally, Parkstone is close to just about every type of shopping you could need. Whether you want grocery stores, automotive shops, malls or movie theatres, you’ll find it in this neighborhood.

Don’t forget about the appeal of Downtown Northville, which features colonial-themed streets and buildings, restaurants of all types, arts and crafts, live music, and close proximity to the water.

They also feature basements, which can be upgraded to add another bedroom in your home, which can also improve property values to the fullest.

Talk To a Parkstone Realtor

If you’re considering buying a house in the Northville area, Parkstone is a great location with an ultra low crime rate and plenty of additional benefits.

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