7 Quick Home Selling Tips

Selling a home can be a daunting task for many people. Usually, the selling of a home occurs simultaneously with the shopping for, purchase of or moving into a new home. While an experienced realtor can help you sell your home quickly for the best possible price, there are a number of things you can do yourself to ensure success in selling your home. Below are a list of tips, tricks and pointers to help you in your home selling adventure.

  1. Remove Clutter
    One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your home’s appeal is to remove as much clutter as possible. Potential buyers are interested in looking at the home itself, not your personal items. In many cases, the best thing to do is to rent a storage unit to place your items until the home is sold. If you’re still living in the home, only keep the required essential items in the home while it is being actively shown.
  2. Professional Cleaning
    A clean home is a significant factor in a buyer’s decision making process when it comes to shopping for homes. While you might know that your home is a solid choice, if it is dirty most people will not bother to take a close look at it when comparing it to other homes that may be cleaner. Hiring a professional cleaning service to deep clean your home can have a big impact on the speed that your home sells.
  3. A living room with modern appointments, showing a wide bay window with a view of the neighborhood outside

  4. Landscaping
    While you don’t have to go all out, having neat and well maintained landscaping can make a difference in curb appeal when buyers are comparing homes. Things like clearing out weeds, trimming bushes, and ensuring the lawn is in good shape can help a lot in ensuring your home is showing to its full potential.
  5. Paint Interior
    This will be largely dependent on the condition of your existing paint. While it is common for new owners to paint their homes anyway after moving in, having clean and neutral paint when showing the home improves its perceived value. Painting your home prior to listing is especially important if your existing paint is in poor condition, dirty or discolored, or is of a strange or odd color that most would find distasteful.
  6. Quick Repairs
    While you may view certain repairs as minor inconveniences and not something to worry about, buyers may find enough issue with it to lose interest. The majority of people shopping for homes are looking for turn-key homes that require no immediate repairs. Something as simple as replacing a broken door handle or fixing some trim work can actually help quite a bit in selling your home quickly.
  7. Take Excellent Photos
    Surprisingly, photos are one of the most overlooked items by home sellers. The quality of photos has a huge impact on the number of showings and appointments scheduled for a home. Not only are the resolution and image quality important factors, the angle of the photos and the number of photos make a big difference too.

    Many homeowners and even realtors hire a professional photographer specializing in real estate to ensure their home is showcased as good as possible. However, with today’s easy access to high resolution cameras, with a little thoughtfulness and effort you can take great photos that will help ensure your home sells.

  8. Use all Marketing Channels
    Listing your home online has never been easier. There are many different websites and social media platforms that you can use to list your home, most of which are free. Listing your home on these sites with a solid set of high quality photos and a good description will go a long way in increasing the number of showings and offers you receive.